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    Thinking about Push Factory Tuning System for Mach 429 RP23, Opinions?

    I am considering sending in my shock along with my fork to Push for their Factory Tuning System. Has anyone sent there Mach 429 RP23 to Push for their Factory Tuning System? Will this tuning drastically modify how the shock was designed by Fox to work with the 429 frame? I assume Pivot contracted with Fox and had a RP23 modified specifically for the Mach 429 frame.

    It just feels like the RP23 is too harsh over bumps. I came to this conclusion after riding the new Carbon 429 with the CTD rear shock which seemed to soak up everything in its path. It seems like when I hit a large root the RP23 does not budge and the bike just stalls momentarily as it hit s the root. I have tried playing with all the settings.


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    I had mine done on my aluminum 2011 429. My issue was also that it felt harsh at times as well. I was not getting full travel even when really dropping my pressures quite a bit. Once completed, I did notice some improvement in each area. It seemed to improve the harshness as well as using more travel. I was happy with what I got. A conversation with the Push guys can be very helpful too. They are great and are willing to spend time answering questions in my experience.

    That being said, I am now riding a carbon 429. For whatever reason, I like the suspension on the new frame way better. It seems to have better quality and more smooth action. I am not a suspension guy. I have tried to pay attention and understand the compression and rebound functions on the new suspension however I try to find the sweet spot and leave it alone. I don't know if it is my perception or actual differences in the suspension design itself, but I absolutely think the new frame design has better suspension feel.

    Kenny B or Dan may have a more educated answer. I don't know if it is psychosomatic or voodoo but I like the improvement.
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    I have the latest CTD shock on my 2011 429 and personally I am not fond of it. It is either too harsh or too plush, no in between. I have an older high volume rp23 that i had to send to fox to have it repaired and will probably swap that out with the CTD and then send the CTD to push to have them work their magic. I have found that the pushed shocks on my previous bikes made the soft spot window on the bikes setup to have a wider range.

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    I have a 429c with the CTD shock on it and it took me a ton of getting used to. I also felt it was too harsh over some stuff, especially chatter. Previously though I ran my rp23 in what would now be considered 'climb' mode all the time. Seemed a bit better to me to run it soft here and have a bit more stiffness.

    With the CTD I tried this at first and the read somewhere the different modes ramp differently. So now I am riding in the trail mode for most of a ride. I also noticed that the CTD shock on the DW link is very sensistive. 3 or 4 psi makes a big difference in small bump compliance.

    As for your orginal question, yes push it! I am a big fan of their service and have nothing but good things to say about them. I eventually have all of my suspensions pushed. I've even had them help me out with some major breakages and help save me cash in the repair process.

    I think the ride improvement is huge also. Much more plush over all kinds of terrain without being squishy or sluggish. I can't wait to get my 429c pushed this fall!
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    Big fan of Push here also, but are you sure is is possible to Push a CTD fork or shock? I see no mention of it on the Push website.

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    I emailed and asked ..........."We are servicing the Float CTD shock currently, here's the process:

    1) If you have the CTD Boostvalve model, you can submit an order under the RP23 page on our website. All of the services available and pricing are the same:"
    Push Industries - FOX RP23

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