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    Pulling the upper chain should not cause the linkage to compress, because during compression the rear hub moves away from the BB. I think the cause of pedal bob is simply downward force from mashing. As soon as the suspension starts to compress, the rear hub tries to move back - away from the BB - and the tighter the upper chain is, the less pedal bob you get. So a small chainring is more effective against pedal bob. (Another way to reduce pedal bob is to spin the cranks rather than just pushing them down at the front. The effect is immediately noticeable.)

    A large chainring reduces pedal feedback, because the cranks rotate less for any amount of chain the rear of the bike pulls during compression.

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    I agree that I should try the taping. I'm actually getting more knee pain at certain times of the day than while
    biking, but my rides have been relatively short lately, usually about 40 minutes due to lack of daylight.
    I instinctively favor my left leg at times during really rocky climbs and try to time my pedal strokes
    so I'm not in that 3 oclock position during the point of highest flexion.

    By the way Uphill, are you sure the rc4 is causing more pedal feedback than an air shock ?
    I wanted to go that route as I can't seem to get the amount of plushness that I would like from the DHX Air.

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