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    Paint or anodized

    I am looking into picking up a Mach 4 when the new model is released.
    My question is will it hold up better with paint or being anodized?

    I actually prefer the look of paint, but have heard nothing but good about Pivot's anodizing. I will have this frame for several years and just want it to look good for as long as possible.

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    Anodized is less likely to get scratched. I also think it looks better then powder coated.

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    Another thing you can do to protect the frame is by using frame skin:
    They do custom kits for the Mach 4 and 5
    I've just done mine and looks good!
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    The ano. finish is pretty stout. You basically have to remove material to scratch it (like a rock grind thing), The paint on my Firebird is holding up pretty well but it does require a lot more protection at rub points. The white also shows dirt easier. I still like the look of the paint though and just accept that it takes a bit more TLC. BTW, the new Mach 4's are already shipping
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    The Mach 4 is available Now! We have stock, so come get one! The Anodized is our strongest finish like Ken says. Though the painted option this year is good looking, your best bet for long lasting is Anodized.
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    I have one of the original Mach 5's purchased in 2008 and the anodizing still looks great.

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