Picked up a sweet 429 demo from Golden Bike shop to get some time on another Pivot besides the Firebird. Hit the hills with a buddy who has been pushing 29ers for a while. We hit up Mt Falcon and down/across Lair of the bear. I really do like the 29er's climbing prowess, but the rotational weight on the heavier wheelset was quite noticable to me, as well as the longer wheelbase. It made mince meat of any technical objects that were in my way, but didn't quite give me that same confidence that my Firebird gives me. I will give it to the 429, its quite stiff, way stiffer,especially in the rear linkage than any other 29er full squish I have ridden. The trails were pretty crowded, so we kept it toned down for sure, but still had a blast. I am stoked on the gopro and looking foward to putting out more vids soon. Still not sure if a 29er would make the stable, IF it would, it would definitely be a 429. I would be more interested in getting out on some lighter 5" machines. The Mach 5 demo was already sold

from brian pollock on Vimeo.