I know I'll receive a lot of heat for this post, but I've got to comment on everyone's love affair with the Mach 5. I've owned a Mach 5 for a little over a year. I've owned four Titus bikes (Chris Cocalis' former brand) and I've always believed in his engineering and quality construction and customer service.

While I believe the DW is a very good suspension design and the bike is extremely well made (even though I wish it were made in the USA), I cannot stand the low front end on this bike. Cross country types will probably love this bike, but I just don't see how real trail riders can deal with the extremely short head tube and low front end. I've tried several different builds on this bike and unless I run my Lyrik and several spacers under the stem I feel like I'm doing a nose wheelie all the time. I know that Chris did this to help climbing, but if you point this bike down a steep trail, you better get your ass waaay off the back of the bike.

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted something more in line with the trails that I ride. I'm not a "freerider" or a crazy downhiller. I'm a 52 year old guy who has been riding mountain bikes for 20 years. I don't like jumps or anything like that, but I like fairly technical trails and the state of Washington is full of those. I ended up buying a carbon Blur LT. Oh my gawd. This thing is unbelievable. Granted, I'm a little nervous over the whole carbon thing, and I've only ridden it three times, but it is unbelievably smooth, stiff and comfortable. I can point it down the steepest trail and feel extremely comfortable. The rear end is more plush than the Mach 5 and if there is a stiffer bike than the Pivot, it's the carbon Blur.

I really want to love my Pivot, but I've gotten to the point where I don't even want to ride it anymore. My current build includes a 2010 150mm Revelation and it still feels like it has a 72 degree head angle. I'm just saying, for those of you looking for a light weight, versatile trail bike, you really need to look at the Blur.