Mach 5.7 (Carbon) owners

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  • 11-18-2012
    Mach 5.7 (Carbon) owners
    I was thinking of buying a carbon 5.7 but am concerned about the agility of the bike. Sure it is a great descender from the reviews and geo, but I read it is difficult to lift the front end on this bike (manual) and when hitting jumps the rear end tends to jump forward. Both of these characteristics were from reviews posted on bikeradar and pinkbike, respectively. Everything else about the bike sounds great but I'm worried it won't be playful when hitting jumps or bunnyhops. Can anyone comment on this and what your impressions are on the maneuverability/playfulness of the bike? Is it a dead fish while in the air? Anyone know how this bikes compares to the Stumpjumper EVO. Both are similar in geo, but the SJ Evo has rave reviews all across the board, but I'm worried the SJ EVO won't pedal well uphill.
  • 11-19-2012
    I just demo'd a couple of pivot bikes this past weekend. I tried the 429 first. I try to like 29, but I just don't. It did however feel a ton better than the Giant's I tried the next day.

    Now the 5.7 carbon? I fell in love. That is one awesome bike. I was on a rocky path, and lifting the front was easier than on my HT, much easier. One thing I do before I ride any strange bike is to pop some wheelies in the parking lot to get a feel, and had no problem, or a lot less problem getting accustomed than other bikes. As far as jumps, I was too nervous being on a 8k bike that wasn't mine to do too much, but from the feel of going up inclines, and bigger rocks, roots, I would place a bet that it would not bounce on any type of riding. It is very adjustable, with 3 different settings CTD Climbing, Trail, Descent, going from stiffer to plusher respectively. I only tried Trail and Descent. I would probably just keep in on Trail when (not if) I buy one. Go to their site and see if they will demo in your area anytime soon, or just find an LBS and try one out. If you like suspension that is non-reactionary feeling, this is the bike that gets my vote.
  • 11-22-2012
    Note: The only SJ Evo I've ridden was L (I generally ride a M frame, and ride a M 5.7C).

    As far as agility goes, I love my 5.7C. It's super playful between corners, super fun in the air and I haven't had any issue lifting the front end when I've needed to (i.e. just before 2/3ft drops to flat, on tech descents, etc). As far as wheelies go, I've never really been good at doing them, always too chicken (about going over the back!) ;)

    The only time I had issues jumping the bike was when I first got it, and went out to my local FR area (well built, 1 - 3 meter gaps, huge berms, not overly rough). I usually ride my Phoenix here BTW. On that day it felt like the bike kept kicking me forward, but that was due to two things - rebound settings (set relatively fast compared to my Phoenix) and super low, flat bars keeping my weight further forward. As soon as I'd slowed the rebound down, the 5.7C started to behave really well :) On my normal trails for the 5.7C (from super fast flowy XC loops, to techy sandstone meccas), it's as agile as a hummingbird ;)

    The SJ EVO I've ridden is a mate bike, and it's not an apples to apples comparison as he's 10kg heavier than me and his bike is a L size. The Evo felt quite "tall" to me, whereas the 5.7C felt right in the cockpit. Even with the extra shock pressure (due to his weight), the bike didn't feel quite as responsive. That said, it wasn't as if it felt bad to pedal, but it just didn't feel quite as responsive to pedal input at the 5.7C. It also (mainly due to the extra pressure again) didn't feel anywhere near as plush as my bike that day.

    My mates Evo also didn't feel quite as nimble as the 5.7C, but this could have been due to the longer ETT & reach on the Evo.

    But, there are two things that you need to be aware of with the 5.7C that I've noticed. The first, which is mainly due to the way the DW-Link works, is that pedalling through rough chop (i.e. fields of grapefruit & melon sized rocks) can feel a bit stiff. I gather that this is due happening as the DW stiffens up a little already when pedalling, and add some small baby heads to that and it doesn't feel overly plush. Since riding Mach style bikes, if I know about a rough choppy section, I make sure I get a lot of momentum up beforehand, and try and get through it before pedalling. Riding through these sections is plush as, but when pedalling, not so much.

    The other is that I've found the 5.7C really LOVES to be caned. As long as you're putting the effort in, you'll be rewarded with super fun times. The downside of that is that if you start to get lazy, it starts to feel a bit flat. This could be due to the amount on travel, but not having ridden anything with this much travel before (this is my first bike over 4") I don't have anything to compare to.

    So, all of that said, personally I would pick th 5.7C over the Evo any day of the week ;) But, of course, I already have!

    I hope that helps!
  • 11-22-2012
    Mt.Biker E
    I've come to the conclusion Pivot bikes aren't made to be passive rides.
    The harder you ride them the better they perform. Which i think is a good thing! And also due to Pivot's pursuit of stiffness over weight.
    There is no doubt the big S has its geo dialed in, but its not a Pivot. My buddies Evo isn't even close
    in the stiffness dept. or pedaling under load or up hill.
  • 11-22-2012
    Ive been trying to sum up what i thought of my 5.7c, and a couple of the posters above have really put there finger on it.

    If you just ride the bike it does everything well, it just does it, no fuss, but it just can feel flat. Coming from my Nomad I thought this, and hearing others say it makes me feel a lot better.

    But like the others said, if you work it then it really responds and becomes a different ride. I have no issues with manuals and wheelies, in fact Ive got better at them with this bike than others.

    Good times.
  • 11-25-2012
    I have owned a SJ FSR (not EVO), and now a Mach 5.7C. One thing to be cautious is that even on paper the head and seat tube angles of the SJ EVO compared to the Mach 5.7C look similar, they are very different in the position, Isildur above makes the right analogy. At first the Pivot feels a little lively on the front, but as it was mentioned above the harder you ride it the better it perform. Another thing to be cautions on the two is that sizes are very different. In fact the reason I moved to the Pivot is because I was in between sizes on the SJ, and the pivot sizes fall right in between. They are both good bikes, but I take the Pivot any day!!!!!
  • 11-25-2012

    Originally Posted by jbrowne View Post
    Ive been trying to sum up what i thought of my 5.7c, and a couple of the posters above have really put there finger on it.

    I think that I agree with that. The front is very easy to lift and I think that depends on much more than simply the frame. Such things as rider build/body type, stem length, shock pressure, and handlebar length are important factors to take into consideration too.

    I started riding XC a long time ago and have been very happy with it but in school one of my good friends was more of an FR guy so I got into it a bit and found I really enjoyed DH and racing. Since then I still enjoy doing XC but have found myself wanting something a bit more. Climbing was still important for me so I went with the 5.7c and have not been disappointed.