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    Lube the Pivots on my Pivot

    when my M6 gets wet the creaks get loud. Is there a way to lube the Pivots, contact points of the shock, or even the BB? Otherwise my $6000 bike sounds like a $500 POS.


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    Where are the noise/s coming from?

    It shouldn't creak...unless the pivot bolts are under/over torqued. Check those first...maybe some dirt or grime got in there...clean and re-torque. Second, clean and grease the clevis pin on the rear shock and re-torque. Third, lube the thru axle in the rear triangle where it meets the carbon..that will make noise. Forth, clean and carbon paste up your seat post and get a good clamp like a Salsa...if you have a crappy clamp it will make noise..hope that helps..

    BB creak?

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    So I will reply since not much back.

    My 429C did a fair amount of creakin an squeakin.
    Follow at your own risk, as I am not a bike mech in anyway. But I ride a quiet bike.

    Now I take the air out of the shock, take out the pivot bolts, clean everything, even pop of the little seals on the enduro bearing of (*very* carefully), grease them a bit, pop the "Seal" back on clean every thing reassemble torque to spec. I work my around the pairs of pivots and can do that all now in about an hour and I have a silent bike. For me it was grit and stuff getting in there needs to be cleaned out

    When I do a good job it lasts for a while 1/2 year or more, if you are in the muck... maybe you need to do a little more often. .

    I also agree the back axle, tight clean and lubed, seat post and seat rails, same tight clean and lubed. As to bottom bracket assuming is the PF92, slide out the crank clean, light grease lube reassemble.

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    I was kinda wondering this too, not so much from a creaking standpoint, but just as a regular maintenance thing. So I guess if they're not making noise, they're ok?
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