• 11-07-2012
    Help me with my Firebird build - chainguide, angle set, crank selection
    Hey Folks -

    Can you gurus help me with a few decisions on my new Firebird build? I have a 2011 size large and I plan to spec it with a middle-weight all mountain build - not too heavy not too light. I won't be hucking off 5 footers, I want a good climber and good descender that handles the gnarly stuff well.

    Q1: I'll go 1x10 up front, 32t or 34t . . . can you suggest a light chain guide and/or bash guard combo - I'm thinking MRP Micro G2 SL mounted on the ISCG05 tabs, which has an upper chain guide, and a lower bash guard. Any feedback welcomed!

    Q2: Crank chainlines: will any 1x crank work with a typical chain guide like the above? Or do I need to be researching and matching chainlines here?

    Q3: Other crank compatibility questions: I'm thinking Truvativ Stylo 1.1, which has a bash-ring. I'm not wedded to Truvativ, but, its just convenient because my other bike is a SRAM build so I can mix/match BB's.

    Will a crank with an outer bash-ring conflict with the lower bash guard or the chain guide like the MRP Micro G2 SL?

    Can you recommend any other mid-weight, light 1x all mountain cranks?

    Q4: Ok now to the head tube angle. I'm planning on a Fox Float 36 180. But, this will slacken the head angle a little. I prefer a 67.5 or 68-ish head tube angle. I think a stock firebird with its 170mm fork is a 67 degree HTA.

    So I think I'll need an Angleset, but, which will I need? 1.0 degree or .5 degree? Has anyone experimented with this?

    Thanks in advance for the help
  • 11-08-2012
    I would think the new G3 would be super ideal on the FB. I think they are available now but not sure. Any "regular" crank will work - a 1X crank is really just a middle ring crank so it'll work OK. I would stay away from the Stylo as they are a bit weak (I broke one). You won't need a bash with the G2 or G3. I'd probably tend toward either the XT 3X crank with just your middle ring on it or a Saint DH 73mm. I'm running one on each of my bikes and actually prefer the Saint but you sound like you want to save weight.

    Last - if you want the Float 36 180 (I'm running it), then just get a CC 110 low profile headset. It's something like a 3mm stack so it'll ride almost exactly like a 170 fork with a regular stack headset (think classic King height). You don't need the angleset, IMO.

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  • 11-08-2012
    Nice! Great advice! Big thanks.
  • 11-10-2012
    Go ride still has larges?
  • 11-10-2012
    Yes sir, had my eye on it for a while and finally pulled the trigger @ $1400. Comp cyclist has 2012's for $1759 right now . . . But, they only had mediums. Also I'm trying to build this one at fire sale prices so i'll tell myself $360 for kashima coat and a 12x142 rear axle isn't worth it. Firebird's rear triangle is pretty well reinforced, which helps counter flex in the standard dropout on the 2011. :)
  • 11-28-2012
    Any build pics yet?
  • 12-02-2012
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    Ok bike is done! I was waiting for the fork to come in to LBS to finish it off. Its kind of a mishmash of parts right now but it works.

    A friend convinced me I may want to go slacker over time with this bike, as I get used to it, so I went angleset on the front and I am currently .5 forward but thinking about .5 back after a ride around the block. We'll see after a couple good rides.

    I'll probably have to wait till next Sat to hit the dirt with it unfortunately :(
  • 12-03-2012
    Very nice build. Actually looks a lot like my bike. Make sure you cycle your suspension with the shock off the bike to make sure your chain is long enough. There's quite a bit of chain growth and some have snapped their hangers off not knowing about that. Enjoy!