Its been almost a year since I purchased my 429 and I have to say the bike continues to impress me!

A little background information. I am embarrassed to say I bought a silver XT version when they first came out and ended up selling it because I didn't ride it. I think it was a combination of the weight and the fact that I am a SS by heart. However, I decided to buy another one and give it a real try. This time I splurged and bought the XX version to try and keep the weight reasonable. What I found is that this bike is a blast to ride. The geometry is so spot on, I never feel twitchy or like I am riding some big rig. The harder you push, whether it be standing or sitting, the faster the bike goes. I am not going to sell my SS bikes yet but I do love having this bike for those days when you want to ride longer and without beating yourself up.

Pivot keep up the good work!