Firebird Diet

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  • 01-31-2013
    Firebird Diet
    So I think its time to put my bird on a diet. Though not a porker by any means it could stand to lose a few pounds. Currently tipping the scales at a tad over 33 pounds. But there is a catch, I would like to add a dropper post.

    So here is my thoughts if i get a KS Lev that should be an increase of about 370 grams roughly over the the current Thomson Masterpiece. So that puts me up a bit.

    So im thinking convert the XO 2x to a 1x system with a bling ring. Theres quite a bit going on with the free floating fd etc so if i ditch all that I might stand to lose a pound?

    Also thinking of going with lighter tires and brake rotors. Entertaining the though of the Michelin Wild Gripr 2s 2.25s. Anybody have any experince with these? Those would put me down about another 190 grams. And was looking at the ashima airotors which would lighten things up maybe another 100g.

    And lastly will be switch the platforms to clipless for a loss of about 140g.

    Any thoughts, or ideas where i could shed a few more grams?
  • 01-31-2013
    What kind of soil do you ride on mainly? I tried the Michelins here in Phoenix and they were just awful. I can only guess they work better on loamy trails and not the hardpack stuff we have here...
  • 01-31-2013
    The green Michelin worked really well here in 700c on a cyclocross bike back in the early 2000's :P No idea about there new stuff though. I would say a 2.25 is bad news on the front but a fatty 2.25 on the back could be OK. 2.35 Hans Dampf's front and rear would be light and fat so you might look into those. I didn't lose a pound taking that stuff off but ?? What do you have for fork/shock? Wheels can be a huge difference.

    The biggies are usually:
    Fork/coil to air rear shock
    heavy arse handlebar
    saddle (but make sure you like it!!!!)
  • 02-02-2013
    Definitely ditch the front der. system, make it 1X

    Convert to tubeless

    Like GTICLAY said what bars/stem are you running?

    My 'Bird is tippin the scales at 30.5lbs

    Im running:
    1x9 (34front ring with 11-34 rear)
    Reynolds carbon wheels
    tubeless with maxxis minion exo 2.5 front and Larsen TT 2ply rear
    Formula brakes 203/180 rotors
    shimano XT cranks/e-13 full guide/clip pedals
    straight seat post/SDG seat
    KMC X10SL chain
    Fox van 180 fork with stock rear shock.
  • 02-02-2013
    Thank you for the input. The current setup is acutally hans dampfs tubeless. As far as what type of terrain we have it all here. I ride everything from lava cap and hardpack to soft and loamy brown pow.

    Bars and stem are Answer Protaper Carbon AM 720s and a thompson elite 50mm so I dont think I could lose weight there. Wheels are stans flow/king. Thought about switching to the Archs but ive already bent a flow so i dont think the archs would hold up well.

    Thought about swappin the 180 talus for a 160 float but still kind of up in the air on that one...
  • 02-02-2013
    Here is an easy, quick fix to solve to your 'bike not light enough' problem.
    Ride a tank. Everything will feel quick an nimble. Find an old '05 Big Hit with a single ring and then switch back. Every time you get the itch to diet, pull it back out.
  • 02-02-2013
    You don't want to go any lighter IMO. That's basically how I have my bike set up, except I run a 180 Float instead of the talas. I even choose a coil rear end because it just tracks/rides/jumps so well with it.

    Funny thing. I have both a pretty dang light 1x10 Nomad and a Firebird. I also have a standard loop that I keep track of total time. Over a year's worth of riding, my Firebird has been consistently faster in total time on the same loop - and it's about 2.5lbs heavier than the Nomad. Believe me, unless we are talking 5lbs or 8lbs it's not going to hold you back. Let your bird fly man!
  • 03-01-2013
    Ok so though ide post an update as per my results.

    So completed the 1x10 swap, added the ashima airrotors, new pedals, and a kind shock Lev 150mm. New weight is a bit over 31pounds so lost a little over a pound even with the dropper. Not bad for an XL frame with a 180talus and a dhx 5.0. Cant say itll be a huge noticable difference but it is lighter so mission accomplised. Needless to say I am happy with the results.
  • 03-01-2013
    Pics or it didn't happen ;)