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    Is the demand just super high and unexpected for Pivot-hence the long waits?

    I have an M6, absolutely love it..I got lucky in Feb 2014 and found my size (one of 2 or 3 I could locate in SoCal) at the LBS. However, I keep hearing of long waits for various Pivots, particularly the Phoenix..Was Pivot just not prepared for the demand for their bikes or is it just that Pivot is a relatively small outfit and things just take longer, or perhaps delays at the factory or? Just curious..seems like the long waits would hurt bidness for Pivot. Presently droolling over the Phoenix..

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    The media allows us to believe that these new bikes are all just waiting at the warehouse to be shipped. When new models come out they are well marketed before factories are actually in there production runs. Another cause is the expense of the bikes. Dealers don't want to get stuck with costly inventory on their shelves, especially for sizes at the ends of the sizing spectrum. When I ordered my XL Mach 6, a year ago, they were still only producing med frames, which were followed by large (size) production runs. I ordered my frame last August, received it in November.

    And of course, who wants a new bike that there are already 10 of on the LBS floor. Anticipation makes us want them more.
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