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    BOS Kirk on a Mach 6

    Haven't had the chance to put as much time in on this thing as I'd like. Initial impressions are very, very positive though I'm still working through a bit of bracketing.

    At this point I feel like I can confidently state it's another solid option worth considering. I'll post a little more info after I get a chance to hammer on it a bit more.

    BOS Kirk on a Mach 6-kirk_up.jpg

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    What news about this shock ?

    Any vid ?

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    Still feel I need to put some more time in on the shock. Build quality is exceptional. My shop got ahold of BOS and they suggested the 216x64mm Kirk (reference 151512-E-004) with KI02 valving given the leverage curve of the Mach 6. I've fond the factory settings (LS 12 clicks, HS 17 clicks, Rebound 12 clicks) to be a very solid starting point. I've since dialed out a bit of LS and rebound.

    I don't think I have the skills, the patience, or the time to match the video you posted ZigZag! I'll report back.

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