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    Spring, allegedly.

    It sort of feels like it.

    But then, more often, it sort of doesn't.

    Unseasonably cool, with threats of snow and freezing weather weeks after we'd normally be sweltering.

    'Odd' seems the best way to describe it.

    Certain activities are proceeding apace regardless of weather.  Throw *one* stick in the lake and expect a pile of kindling to be returned.  Atta boy.

    Trees are budding, grasses are, uh, un-dormant-ing.

    Bikes are being ridden, just maybe not as willy-nilly, tra-la-la, whenever/however/often as we'd like.

    Boats are being paddled indoors and out:

    Wheels are being built and shipped daily.

    All in all, pretty normal and really dang good.

    It's just that, for lack of a better term, "things" have seemed off somehow, and the weather is the easiest, most obvious thing to point at.  Below freezing with inches of snow late in April is downright weird for the desert.  And such cool temps that even with added late-season precip the trails and rivers are *dry*.  We've been just sorta scratching our heads and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Then it'll get sunny and ~warm for a day, and we'll rush right out like a pack of idjits to embrace it.

    And then wham!

    Some notice, some don't.

    I snuck out for a ride this morning between builds, noting as I topped out that it was calm, unnaturally so.  The one constant of a "normal" spring here is wind.  Thought back and, to my memory, it just hasn't been windy.


    Checked weather when I got back to the shop: 50+ mph gusts predicted this PM.


    After shipping the day's wheels I took Fang for a stroll around the block, noting and appreciating petals that will undoubtedly be blown away by morning.

    Such is life, no?  Here today, gone sooner than we expect, or plan for.

    Or maybe that's just the way I see it, when indoctrinated by a spring such as this.

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    Thanks for this. The images are superb and the "poetry/philosophy" is right up my alley as well. Good stuff indeed.
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    Man, your pictures are always so good. I enjoy seeing someone else present their part of the world like that. I should shoot more.

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    Fantastic shots as always! We've already hit >100 F down here in P-town so it's hard to believe you still have such cold.

    Don't forget to update your watermark to 2013...

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    Beautiful! It has been a strange Spring in the Zuni Mountains too, a little slow to happen, and colder. I hope that makes for a cool summer and an early monsoon.
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    Great pics as usual. We've got some very low rivers here in NorCal as well...

    That owl is NOT going to give that basket back.
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