I was riding my bike through the yard in the dark wearing a headlamp when I saw what looked like a piece of jewelry lying in the grass. From maybe 10 ft. away it was dazzling! As I got closer, the dazzle diminished. When I got right up to it, I saw this:
Spider Picture Question-img_2678.jpg
It is an adult spider (I'm assuming female?) with young spiders riding on its back.
I thought it would make an awesome photo, but I could not figure out how to get the shot.
From a considerable distance, the 2 main eyes of each tiny spider (which equals a whole bunch of eyes!) glinted like emeralds, plus at least 2 main eyes of the adult shone back bright orange at me. I tried taking the photo with my headlamp on it and with a flash (red eye features did not help, although I'm guessing spiders don't have pupils?), but I could not capture the dazzling eyes.
The light source had to be very close to the lens to get anything, but for best effect the camera had to be 10 ft. away.

I never did get the pic I wanted, but I took some video to try to get a frame grab of the effect.
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You can sorta get an idea of what a few of the "emerald eyes" looked like. Imagine about 40 or 50 of them!

Any tips on setting up such a shot? Are the anti-red eye features digitally removing the very thing I'm trying to capture? I thought I had all that turned off.


edit: one more cropped, out of focus photo...
Spider Picture Question-img_2686crop.jpg