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    POV bike Rigging...

    I'm just getting back into mountain bike (XC) riding after 20 yrs out and am enjoying using POV cameras.

    I'm using two gopros now (3+ sliver, and 4 silver). My mounting spots are a mix between:

    - seat post facing rear (I like to use the hero4, taking video and still)
    - chest
    - front fork (low) facing forward
    - helmet (seldom use anymore, just like other angles better)

    I mix up my coverage with both cameras covering two of these locations at a time, and use a gopro remote mounted to my handlebars to turn on and off (I don't want to video the whole ride, I do lots of short clips otherwise I'm afraid I would never get around to editing).

    I usually ride at lunch, so lighting is funky, but I shoot 1080/30 (have not spent much time I'm optimizing this). I have not tried higher frame rate and slowing down. My lunch bunch rides don't afford a lot of tinkering time with cameras.

    my philosophy of shooting lots of little videos betrayed me recently, I missed a spectacular wreck (rider was ok, few scabs). I'm debating adding a camera to my helmet side, and not networking it to my remote, just leaving it on the whole time. I won't normally grab footage from it, only when something happens that I miss with the other two cameras. What do you think? If I do this, since it will be primarily helmet mounted and not networked, I could try a Sony... or the new smaller gopro (battery life might be an issue since it will be a full time on camera)... Any thoughts?

    Looking for ideas to improved my overall setup.

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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    The hardware you are running (3+Silver and 4 silver) is pretty good. As for upgrading the actual camera, I would not recommend Sony from personal experiences.

    The only cameras that would make your work better and give you more flexibility (especially in post) is the Hero 4 Black.

    If you want to go the extra mile, and have bags of cash to spare, you could look into the Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera. The output is much cleaner compared to GoPro and Sony Action cams. However it has a more robust codec (ProRes 422HQ) which will give you much more colour grading options, but will eat up hard drives like crazy. However its still abit bigger than a gopro, and uses traditional M 4/3 Lenses.

    IMO, the the best thing you can do now is to wait for the GoPro Hero 5, which will likely do 4k@60 and maybe even higher 5k?6k?

    Here is what I would recommend you can do right now:
    Use the Hero 4 Silver in resolutions higher than 1080p. My favorites are 2.7k@30fps, and 4k@15fps (sped up 2x in post). Even if your final video is in 1080p, downsampling really improves quality, and higher resolutions allow you to crop (ie when stabilising footage) without loosing out on 1080p quality.

    Also, always enable Protune. Higher bitrate= Better quality.
    Here are my settings. Try them and tell me what you think!
    ISO Limit: 400
    Sharpness:Low (I add it in post)
    Colour: Flat
    White Balance: Depends on lighting, normally AUTO or CAM RAW

    As for the 1080p mode in the Hero 3+ Silver:
    I have spend endless amounts of time looking to see if 1080p@24 is any better than 1080p@60 in terms of image quality. I can only see a marginal difference, in which 1080p@24 looks better (because the size of each frame is bigger) (bitrate is the same in both modes). However, the difference is so small I would say its worth it to use 1080p@60, because it gives you the ability to slow down if something cool happens.

    As for having a 3rd Camera on the entire time, I would leave it in looping video mode. This way you only have to press the button if something happens and the camera will save the last few minutes of the shot. If you want to save some money you could go with something like this:

    However, at the end of the day, I would recommend having 1 or 2 good cameras, rather than many worse ones. More cameras make workflow much more complicated, and I have found myself spending hours going through footage!

    Check out this mount as well. I think its the coolest by far! GoSpin360 - Swivel mount for Gopro and all action-cams !

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