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    "Pocketable" camera's with fast burst mode?

    I know it's asking a lot from a small camera, but are there any current camera's that are small enough to bring riding that have fast burst modes with good picture quality? I'm not looking for DLSR quality but something OK and light weight/smaller footprint. I currently have an Canon S95 with a worthless burst mode that i'd like to upgrade from for action shots. Looking for something around this size, maybe a tad bigger.

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    Yeah it's asking a lot. I haven't kept up with current compact with regard to burst. I know a lot now have pretty fast burst, but whether it really helps is another thing. I've been using a Nikon AW1 as my action cam, but it's hardly pocketable. It's actually pretty heavy and bulky for what it is. But it is completely waterproof. It has very good burst performance that still AFs during burst. Af performance is also very good. Image quality is better than most compact, but definitely not as good as APSC D SLRs or even m4/3 cameras.

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    sony rx100

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