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    A plea for help: Hi-Res MTB photos needed

    Hi Photography forum members!

    I'm a member of the Pacific Crest Trail Reassessment Initiative. Long story short, we are an advocacy group trying to increase trail access on the Pacific Crest Trail (more here: Big news: Feds to consider allowing bikes on PCT)

    We are putting a website together and are in need of high quality, high resolution photographs depicting mountain biking, nature, trails, trail work, happy/smiling cyclists, etc.

    If you have photo's that you are willing to share, PLEASE let me know either by sharing here, posting a link, sending me a PM, or whatever . . . any pics of BIKEPACKING would also be PERFECT, especially of a loaded bike and/or campsite (with bike in it)

    Your help is greatly appreciated and the PCTRI thanks you.

    Note, these do not have to be any "location specific" pictures . . . we just want good, high quality shots. Credit will be given for all photographs used.
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