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    Pictures survive will the DSLR?

    Went for a great ride. Swim was premature though, slipped and fell in the river taking a photo. Fished the camera out of 5 feet of water. Pulled card out, lens out and battery out right away. attached are pictures. Will try the camera tommorrow. Granite, wet rocks, a wet log and cycling shoes. Should have known better. DW
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pictures survive will the DSLR?-091812-104.jpg  

    Pictures survive will the DSLR?-091812-136.jpg  

    Pictures survive will the DSLR?-091812-141.jpg  

    Pictures survive will the DSLR?-091812-146.jpg  

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    Great pictures! Good luck with the camera. My father-in-law did that with a nearly new camera in saltwater when on vacation a couple years ago. The results weren't pretty.
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    I nearly took an unintentional dip in the pool last night while taking photos of the crescent moon in the backyard. Whoa! I'm usually pretty hard on equipment and have had a few reminders lately (scratched lens, scratched polarizer, crushed lens cap - all separate incidents) that I should be more careful with my expensive equimpent. Hope your camera is ok!

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    That really sucks! Best thing to do with water damaged electronics is to put them in a sealed container with rice, it will absorb all the moisture.

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    I always fear to brake my DSLR during crash, so it sits at home and phone takes its place. That's why my mtb photos are horrible

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