After shooting for five years on a Canon XTi body, I recently upgraded to a Canon 70D. While I was originally stoked on getting it for its video capabilities, I've also been using it to develop my photography hobby into a passion. This past weekend was Dirt Rag's annual Dirt Fest- held at the Allegrippis trail system near Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania, this awesome event features riders from around the country, sick demo bikes, great food and beer, and situated in one of the funnest places to ride in the mid-Atlantic region. When I wasn't riding, I carved out some time to shoot on the trails as well as around the main expo site and the campground. I'm linking to the Flickr collection here, but to wet your appetites, here's a few photos:




Most of these were shot with the 18-55mm f/3.5 STM lens, but a few were done with the 55-250mm f/4.0 IS II lens. Processing was done in Adobe Lightroom. Comments and criticism welcomed!