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    GoPro Hero 3 White vs. Sony HDR AS15

    I'm looking for purchasing action camera, to shoot mtb in general and GoPro Hero 3 White & Sony Action Cam have around same price. Now i'm in a doubt should i get GoPro or Sony?

    Which one do you suggest?

    P.S Is it a problem for Sony action cam to be attached to chest? Because of it's shape?

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    I don't have a white, but a 3 black, and the sony. So it would be unfair of me to comment on the video quality

    I got the sony first before the 3 came out.

    The sony is an awkward shape for most purposes except side mounting on a helmet, where the gopro starts to get awkward. I tried chest mounting the sony, but it just pokes out too far levering up and down. I used a gorpo chesty with a tripod mount to gopro mount adapter, so maybe here is a better way now, but will still have to poke out too far, it has such a leverage effect that the gopro chesty straps stretch and move when hitting bumps.

    my sony housing also encroached on the field of view of the camera, you could see a smudge in the corner of the frame when using the housing.

    Not sure how much sony have improved mount selections, but gopro is very well catered for.

    I really wanted to like the sony as gopro were ruling the roost, but they work very well. I love my 3 black, I haven't touched the sony since getting it last year.

    There are far more choices these days for action cameras though and I am out of sate on that as I am not looking to replace my gopro yet.
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    Hey guys we've got a solution for the Sony (or GoPro). It works great with the Sony - you can mount it on your chest, shoulder, even your hip. In front, beside or behind you. And it's super stable - the camera doesn't flop around like with other chest mounts.

    STUNTMAN Action Camera Mounts

    The site is a work in progress but we do have a nice demo vid that shows you how stable and smooth the video is when the camera isn't flopping around. Oh and it costs half as much as the Sony or GoPro mounts!

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