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    DIY Go Pro mounts

    I have acces to a bunch of Go Pro camera's through my work. next week me and my family will go on holiday to the austrian Alps to do some riding and hiking. I have 5 go Pro cams with me and did some handwork to made some mounts for these nice cams.
    i used carbonfiber and aluminium strips. tools like saw , dril and file is more than enough.

    here are the results.

    DIY Go Pro mounts-gopro3_zpsbd7269b9.jpg

    DIY Go Pro mounts-gopro1_zps2816e27f.jpg

    DIY Go Pro mounts-gopro6_zpsa96d9fa3.jpg

    DIY Go Pro mounts-carbonmount4_zps947326ce.jpg

    DIY Go Pro mounts-gopro8_zps8c63be62.jpg

    DIY Go Pro mounts-gopro9_zps00a92ca0.jpg

    after checking the mounts i made a small trip to do some offroad testing withthis result :

    I have some doubts about the rear axle cam .. i might make a mount that will bring the cam a bit lower..


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    Aloha, nice work.

    Regarding the seatpost mount, a little lower is nice, I like seeing the rear wheel go though it's travel and tacking.

    I actually like the rear axle angle because it can be used for alternative views when you're doing your edits.

    Also have built a mount to hold the camera out from the left side of the down-tube forward. Able to see the trail ahead (with a rider in front of you) as well as the fork going through its travel.

    Keep it coming, great work.

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    Sorry for the lousy phone pics. . .

    DIY Go Pro mounts-20140908_212542.jpgDIY Go Pro mounts-20140908_213110.jpgDIY Go Pro mounts-20140908_213243.jpg
    The Under Seat Mount was made from a Topeak Seatbag Mount that was cut apart and a Tripod Mount was bolted on.

    DIY Go Pro mounts-20140909_081210.jpgDIY Go Pro mounts-20140909_081245.jpg
    The Hand Grip (Grenade Grip Rip Off) was made from a broom handle sanded down to fit into a lock on grip then drilled to mount another tripod mount. Not as stable as a longer pole but for things such as walking around conventions or doing quick pans in tight brush it does the trick.

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