• 05-08-2012
    Yeti Cycles is recruiting XC riders/racers
    Yeti Cycles is looking for xc riders/racers in the Mid-Atlantic region for the AS-R Carbon XC Brand Ambassador Team. This team will have access to below pro-deal pricing on the Yeti AS-R C. The goal is to showcase the racing prowess and versatility of the Yeti AS-R C. team members will also receive pro team management and deals on other cycling products.Contact Yeti AS-R C Team Manager if interested
    Nick Ramey- Yeti AS-R C Team Manager
  • 05-08-2012
    I'll second Nick - if you've got the passion, don't drink the 29er kool-aide, and are interested in cutting-edge XC rigs, drop him an email. Super stoked on my AS-R C and Yeti's effort connecting with and supporting core riders in the mid-atlantic!
  • 05-16-2012
    Best of luck with your team. I used to lust after the Yeti bikes when I was a kid.