Got the in-laws visiting this weekend. Lucky for me, I really love them, and they don't WANT to monopolize my time.

So I got to steal out and get some rides.

On Sat there was the four hour "enduro" ride (as some would call it, about 18 miles total riding I think) at Moon Lake.

Unlike most people, when I go solo I park down at the lot for the people who go fishing at the reservoir and drop-in at the bottom of 5858 and work my way up, then around a number of wacky sequences, eventually dropping back down NFS and going out the flume to the road.

I really enjoy the technical and physical challenge of going up 5858, on "salty" days I'd continue up Salamander too but not today - I haven't managed to clean 5858 yet on the new squishy bike. Could be DH tires, or my lame butt, one of the two.

It was a fabulous day to be out n about

even if there were some obstacles

On Sunday, after a nice lazy morning and lunch, I got out for a quick ride at 7 Tubbs. A nice technical jaunt. Not as long a ride as Moon (time or distance) but more challenging for sure. I also went to fulfill a request from my gal to get her a good "leaf" shot - so I ended up climbing up the power line. This was a complete PITA, but it was a great day. The ride back down of course just ROCKED. :^)

The trip up and out was a mixture of some fine singletrack and doubletrack

And of course with the kind of weather we're having this weekend the trip to the top was worth it.

Cheers all!