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    I'm not advocating being a prick; it's just an observation in Wiss. Anywhere else I've ridden it's the reverse- 8 out of 10 people on the trail are friendly or at least cordial...ah the city of brotherly love.
    Buy the ticket, take the ride. -HST

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    Quote Originally Posted by kai_ski View Post
    I'm not accusing you or anybody else here that is anti-bridge, however I noticed some obvious anti-bridge graffiti on said bridge during my ride this week. Bridges I can live with, there are still A LOT of technical features in the Wiss, but it's a real bummer to see (and I'm assuming here) riders voicing their derision in the form of vandalism. That kind of response is not going to win us any favors in the future when it comes to the topic of re-routes, ride-arounds and conserving technical features.

    If anyone here knows who is responsible, lean on them to make it right with FOW.
    What about that graffiti in any way indicated that it was done by mountain bikers not happy about the bridge? Granted I did not stop and study it, but it looked like garden variety graffiti to me, no different than any of the other graffiti in the Wiss. Seems like a bit of a leap to me to accuse mountain bikers of it.

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    Knock on wood.. but people have been pretty friendly to me for the most part. I'm super nice to everyone when I ride there too. At the end of the day, you're always going to get a$$holes no matter what. Kill em with kindness.

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    Re: What happened to the Wis???

    Quote Originally Posted by justriding View Post
    Ban bikes? That might be a little fatalistic. There are already plenty of conflicts back there between cyclists and people, dogs, a cat on leash in a tree at eye level (really), d-bags, role playing COS guys, angry lesbians riding horses, angry hiker guy, angry geese,the group ride from Guy's, space aliens, punk rock squirrels, almost any resident of Chestnut Hill walking in the park with that look on their face like someone next to them farted, etc., and there hasn't been a ban.

    As a practical matter there are too many of us to ban; the city doesn't have the resources to enforce a ban; at this point mountain biking in that park has a +20 year history. Its as legit as any other activity and a ban never going to happen. Also, the FOW has been infiltrated by mountain bikers - very Machiavellian thinking by those mountain bikers.
    Older thread but for some reason I reread this and just laughed like crazy! Angry lesbians riding horses exactly described my Saturday! My God city life is weird.

    Anyway... there should be a "weird stuff at the Wiss" thread. It can get strange in there. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vespasianus View Post
    They are designed to encourage conflicts between bikes and people. Just wait, once it happens, they will move to ban bikes in the wiss. It is coming, just a matter of time...
    If it's enforced like the permits and the dog leash law, ban away...

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