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    Good job! Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12

    Headed out early with a big bucket list to one of my fav places, the very upper north east part of Pennsylvania.

    ...Road riding on lots of dirt and gravel roads around Salt Springs State Park.(SSSP) was first on the list, starting out on Salt Springs road, lots of puddles and mud. I connected Twenty miles of hills with great views hidden around every corner. Cows, Sheep, Donkeys all doing business as usual. Plenty of Old Farm Barns prolly full of interesting goodies!

    ...Hiking was next on a few of the many trails at SSSP. Mt biking is not allowed at SSSP. Fallbrook trail would be first, a short one up to the waterfall, and a good one it is! Lots of people using this great park.

    ...Fishing Sliver Creek which runs through the park and although it is pretty late into summer to hope a trout or two would rise to my fly it wasn't about catching, rather just being somewhere nice!

    ...halftime, back on the paved road headed to nearby New York state and lunch. Where else but at a Racetrack? Racetrack food is just great! Since I received word Jason Bonsignore would be hosting a benefit for Robert Leone at Champion Speedway.(CS) Jason Bonsignore is a former professional ice hockey player and speedway racing promoter and racer. As a hockey player, he was drafted in the first round of the 1994 NHL Entry Draft 4th overall, by the Edmonton Oilers, as one of the team's two first-round picks that year (the other was Ryan Smyth two picks later). Myself being a Alumni of Champion Speedway I would definitely attend to help out and spectate, just wonder If I could have added racing the Quadzilla 500 to the list...LOL

    ...BMXing? Ed and Greg Garrity's Valley BMX is located on the CS property and taking a few laps would be in order while waiting for the Speedway races to get under way. Nothing hits the spot after racetrack food, than a Pump Track! Lots of riders having fun!

    ...Speedway gets underway, Speedway bikes are thier own special breed, 60HP single cylinder Motos equipped with "NO BRAKES" running on Nitro Methane. Local famous guy Tuff McBride showed the way to fast with a great show! Great to see him race! Jason Bonsignore really knows how to put on a great show, live music, fast racing with the cotton candy smell of Nitro in the air, and all to benefit a friend gathered into a super night of fun!

    Some great links to look at:
    Champion Speedway, Owego, New York - USA Speedway Motorcycle Racing > Home
    Jason Bonsignore - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Turn Right, Go Left...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-018_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-019_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-001_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-002_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-003_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-004_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-005_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-006_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-008_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-007_900x900.jpg  

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    Good job!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-009_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-010_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-011_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-012_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-013_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-014_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-015_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-016_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-017_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-021_900x900.jpg  

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    Good job!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-022_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-023_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-024_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-025_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-028_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-033_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-034_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-029_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-031_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-030_900x900.jpg  

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    Good job!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-032_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-035_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-036_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-037_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-038_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-039_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-040_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-043_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-044_900x900.jpg  

    Turn Right, Go Left... 7/21/12-salt-springs-champion-speedway-7-21-12-045_900x900.jpg  

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