Just got off the phone with Ted "The Ruckus" Greisser. Things are really shaping up for the event: the jump lines are getting dialed, the new stuff we did is all buffed and firing off, the pump track is getting a rebuild and there are a ton of great prizes and swag to be handed out! Pretty much everyone will leave with something, if not at the very least that they will have contributed their $20 to a great cause.

So far there are several hundreds of dollars worth of prizes swag for this, from gracious companies like Haro, FOX Racing, QBP, e.13, Bern Helmets, EWR Bikes, Mountain Cycle, Premium Products, Fit, and so many others. We will be having a few contests (High Jump and Long Jump Nat'l Championships), moustache contest, a pump track derby and other things. There will be a raffle and a swag toss as well. There is also a killer food feast, 10:00am XC ride, as well as a local XC race at Marsh Creek you can attend (previous to the event, not part of it).

Recommended donation is $20.00. This event is going to be killer. Please, car pooling is a must. Email or for more info, directions or prize table donations.

Donate at

See you there!