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    Siiiiiiiiingin' in the rain!

    Just, siiingin' in the rain! What a glorious feelin', I'm [ridin'] again....

    So, some of you know that I picked up a new commuter/toy a little over a month ago to 1) satisfy a decades-old desire, 2) have some fun and, 3) save a bit on gas, auto maintenance, etc.

    Looks just like this one:

    The up-side is that I've been riding it to work every day (weather-permitting) and absolutely having a blast on my mostly-scenic ~23 mi commute. Logged 1400 mi so far, w/ avg fuel economy of 58 mpg (or better). The mpg should improve further as the engine break-in is completed, too. I hit 70 mpg on one tank, but anyway, enough about that...

    The unfortunate down-side has been that I'm not able to bring my MTB to work with me on the Ninja, so my after-work weeknight riding has been slim-to-none for the last month.

    The rain yesterday sorta forced me to drive my car, so figured I might as well throw the Cove in the back and make the most of it. It was still raining when I left work, but I was determined to squeeze a ride in. Drove to [name withheld, but you can probably guess]. No other cars in the lot.

    What a fantastic ride! The entire place was deserted, except for a handful of miserable-looking campers in Gorton's Fisherman-style rubber raingear who were huddled under a big tarp. Redundant? Trails were thoroughly soaked and deliciously slick and slimy BUT very pleasantly free of any sort of tenacious mud. Every time I go for a ride in weather like this, I find myself enjoying the ride immensely. When I first started riding here 15 years ago, this place seemed downright treacherous in the rain. Back then, the combination of (relatively) skinny, lightweight, over-inflated XC tires, rigid fork, cantilever brakes & my own inexperience made for inevitable, painful (and spectacular) wipeouts that frequently resulted in intimate meetings of flesh and rock. At one point, I think my firends and I nearly wrote the place off as unrideable when wet. . .but we kept coming back anyway!

    Thanks to years of experience and persistance, new technology and big, fat, squishy, grippy rubber, it's now more like a walk in the park. Well, almost. Still have to take it easy, but it certainly seems a helluva lot easier now than it was way back when.

    The fact that I tend to slow down in the rain just gives me the opportunity to soak it all in just that much more. Time to suck in the thick intoxicating aroma of honeysuckle and wildflowers. Time to check out the British-Columbia-esque interplay of light, shadow, and dense mist in the canopy. The contrast of damp grey and vibrant green. To revel in the fact that my only companions on the trail that day were a handful of frogs, and a small herd of whitetail. To marvel at how much I love the power and modulation of hydraulic discs and the incredible grip a Weirwolf 2.5 at 10 psi (for real!) up front provides!

    Ah, yes indeed. Another perfect page in the mountain biking story of my life...
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    Nice write-up

    I felt like I was there, only riding slower, having a mechanical, and going over the bars at least once. Very well written post, and a very nice new toy. Please be careful.

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    Mate, you're just not trying hard enough

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