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    Roaring Creek 9-14-10

    Mini Sock Hound, my kid and I hit Roaring Creek Tuesday evening. I've been wanting to get the boy out on some more technical stuff as I'm trying to get him ready to participate in our weekend group rides. He rode like a champ. I'm proud.

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1601.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1603.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1606.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1607.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1608.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1609.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1610.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1613.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1616.jpg

    Roaring Creek 9-14-10-100_1620.jpg

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    Way to go, Nanker Jr...LOL!!! Just don't teach him to throw other people's bikes out of trees...LOL!!!
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    Very cool to be riding with your son, you have gotten to see him progress to this level, in a couple of years who know's, you might be trying to keep up to him!
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    Father & Son Team!

    You, Wyatt, and Naner need to put a father & son team together. It's great that all 3 of you have boys that are interested in mountain biking!
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