Alright, so I can't ride after work now since it's getting too dark after work and weekends are full of things that my wife asks me to do. I don't want to quit riding till like April and get fat and all out of shape till then. I already feel I'm getting out of shape and it's harder to ride now.

Is there a place that I can ride after dark around Fort Washington to Malvern? Preferably for beginner/intermediate and somewhat safe enough to ride solo? My work is at Dresher which is pretty close to Fort Washington and I take turnpike to KOP then 202 to Malvern. I believe Valley Forge closes after sunset. There is Chester Valley Trail close to home which is paved which I'll give up off road just so I can ride at least but that too is closed after dark I believe.

I want to avoid going opposite direction which is to Philly cause I don't want to go home too late. Is there such place for me?