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    Philly Area Trail that drains the best

    Since we are getting .5" of rain tonight and I am dead set on a ride tomorrow, I was wondering what trail system drains the best? Brandywine after a rain is in bad shape, Harmony Hill usually is fine, Marsh Creek... nope. Any suggestions? How does French Creek hold up?

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    Considering it hasn't rained in a few weeks and it hasn't really downpoured in a while, I'd imagine most trails are fine with little puddles here and there.
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    The Wiss drains really, really well.
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    You're probably already out riding, but I 2nd on the wiss.

    The northeast side of french creek dries faster than the southwest side, but I know that park is pretty particular about folks not riding when it's wet. By now you should be good most places though.

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    Yeah, this wind that we've had the past two days is good for wicking away the moisture as well.
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    Wiss. It's on a creekside, more or less. Run it counterclockwise.
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