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    Night Riding Near Lansdale?

    Hi all!

    I live in NJ but work in the Lansdale area of PA. I do not have the opportunity to ride at night in NJ so I never made the plunge to purchase lights. Seems like REI has a decent sale on lights so I am considering picking some up. Do parks near Lansdale, PA tolerate Night riding? I have ridden Nox, Evansburg and Greenlane. I would think Evansburg would be great- short, fun twisties...
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    I have rode Greenlane at night with Ferguson65 and B-townrider with no issue's.
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    Green Lane is your best bet. Last I heard no night riding at nox, and I think that might be because its a state park. if so, that'd rule out evansburg too. I've ridden valley forge at night but not sure that is allowed - though to be honest I'm not sure its allowed in the daytime anymore...
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    Night riding isn't encouraged at Nox but no one chases people out. You just can't park at the trailhead. If you want to night ride at Nox, park at the CVS at the end of Tower road and ride down to the trailhead.

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    Not really allowed to night ride Green Lane either. But it's not going to stop me. All the county/ state parks technically close at sunset. I'm sure it's budget related but from what I've seen at GLP, the rangers go home at sunset too. State parks could vary if they have a campground, those usually have 24/7 ranger presence. Doubt they'd take the time to bother anyone though.
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    Check the Wiss. I live in Lansdale and it's a close hop down the road. Just as far as Green Lane and probably less far than Nox. Riding is better than either.

    Been riding nights there for years without ever having an issue.
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