• 02-13-2013
    Satanic Pizza
    I ship complete bikes through a shop here in Philly for $60 bucks - that includes them boxing it. Domestic though, not sure how much more it would be for international.

    Also - his bike will probably be stolen while here. Best to just get a local bike since it's so cheap here and his euro (1=1.35usd) will buy so much in USD :D
  • 02-13-2013
    Satanic Pizza
    Also -- I should be getting my new xtc in the next few weeks and you are welcome to borrow my SS 29er for some rides at that point!

    the shops I would recommend you talk to for a mountain bike are:

    Trophy Bikes (they carry some inexpensive brands)
    Bicycle Revolutions (great dudes at this shop)
    Wissahickon Cyclery (please note: team sponsor)
    Breakaway had some bikes on clearance when I was in last week but I know you stopped by there not too long ago.

    They might have some 2011-2012 models on clearance. I mean, an entry level 29er is only $700 new right?
  • 02-13-2013
    Thanks a lot for all the support and help you are giving me!! much appreciated!! you are great!
    I think that it's not worthwhile shopping my bike from Italy to Philly, now..it'd cost too much..the big problem is the insurance..
    Satan thanks you a lot!!If by that time I haven't solved the situation yet, I'm going to bother you about that.. :)
    I'm going to call these shops..and if I can I'm going there so I can see..gonna do that on Saturday..gonna walk through the city to see if I can get a bargain.. :)
    At Breakaway they had one but it was around 750$ if I am correct..so a little bit over my actual budget..
    THanks again guys!!
    gonna be posted!!
  • 02-14-2013
    Satanic Pizza
    make sure to haggle with them. don't accept the first price they offer. you are italian right? so this probably sounds like a no brainer to you... but just making sure.
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    have you found anything yet?
  • 05-04-2013
    Have you gotten out for any rides yet?
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    It's looking grim Giganitic.