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    i have not been on the forums in a while. i have been out riding a bit. i am out of my "hibernation" haha i would like to do a long weekend ride at neshaminy if the weather is permitting/its not still wet down there next weekend on saturday (5/3/14) i have not gone to nesh yet this year, and have never actually done the whole loop. just chunks of it at a time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueFinn510 View Post
    I've rode Core Creek a handful of times, I like it there though I consider myself a beginner.
    Right now I ride a lot behind Playwicki Farm (not park). I dont need my car to get there so it's really convenient. Mostly single track dirt with a good amount of hills. It's not super big back there, but there's a few loops so it's good for an hour's ride. Also, theres a few entry points including in the local neigborhoods. There's a fair amount of pedestrians and a lot of deer, but it's a good challege with the tree roots and hills. I normally ride after 5pm during the week or early late morning/early afternoons on the weekend.
    I'm new to the forum and don't have anybody to ride with at the moment, my buddy is between bikes. Message me if you want to ride one day.

    Which playwicki farm? I didn't know there was any trails behind any of them.

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    unfortunately I'm not around the weekend of 5/3 to ride, but I'm generally down for anything. I live about 10 mins from Nesh.

    As for playwicki, there's trails behind the farm (different than the park) on Bridgetown pike between the Sweetwater Farms and Woodlyn Crossing Neighborhoods.. it's not a big area by any standards maybe a 15-20min loop, but there's a few different loops, it's local, and has mixed terrain. it's easy to spend an hour there.
    I'll most likely be there this week on 4/30, and 5/2. Let me know if you ever want to join, I go alone

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