Poll: Group Ride or Solo Ride?

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    Group Rides or Solo Rides: Vote Here

    Hey Pennsylvania riders - do you prefer to ride by yourself or with a group?

    So which do you prefer?

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    I lied a bit on my vote, it's really "I do both inequally" for me.

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    Good job!


    Group rides for me are the norm since NEPMTBA is a mt biking group... duh!... LOL, but solo on the super bad weather days, solo trailwork rides or if schedules don't jive, I hit the trails alone.

    I think what you need to ask yourself is how many people you have met through your riding history and all the friends, stories, and info you have shared over the years!

    Thanks for the poll

    PS: Nice add on top of this page, great bunch of guys at Cycle Concepts motorcycle shop!


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