That's right! Help make those Sals trails that HUNDREDS of people ride from all over the place!

We go to a lot of trouble to ensure that here are fun and technical legal trails to ride in the Lehigh Valley.The more help we have, the merrier. Please join us on Saturday March 22cnd to work on our trail system!

We would definitely like to see some NEW FACES! Remember, those same "5 GUYS" that usually show up are getting older every year! If you are at all interested in this JUST SHOW UP! You might not even have to work. You can just stand around and listen to John tell stories about a guy that used to live next to the park 20 years ago, or just walk round and look at a turn over and over like you think you know what you are doing, ...

Depending on the turnout, we can work in a few different places. The main work area will be the new blue trail. This will involve moving rocks, digging up rocks and plopping them down somewhere else, digging up clay dirt and laying it on the rocks.

The other work areas involve raking out the yellow trail where its already been brushcut.This is perfect if you would like a lighter afternoon trailwork hang, and don't want be hobbled the next day!

We have some tools but we will be using picks, shovels and rakes. Stay tuned for details.