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Thread: Friday Evening

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    Friday Evening

    I got home from work pretty late but I still managed to quick ride in. The weather was a bit cooler than it has been lately but the cool air felt good.
    Friday Evening-100_0495.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0501.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0503.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0508.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0515.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0520.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0522.jpg

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    On the way home I stopped by Bob's house to check out a new bike that Shoemaker just bought from Peterson. WoW!!! this is one of - if not THE - sickest bikes I've ever seen. Trust me when I tell you - this ain't no Walgoose. Wyatt79m was there to check it out also.
    Friday Evening-100_0536.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0537.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0538.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0543.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0545.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0546.jpg
    Friday Evening-100_0547.jpg

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    Lol I heard all about him selling that bike. He was telling me how beautiful the bike is ! Well from the pictures.. I have to agree that bike is SWEET looking !

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    WOW!!! That Mongoose looks incredible!!!
    Waging war on my pedals every chance I get!!!

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    Mongoose is still good but only if you order from catalogs or online and not Walmart! It's a really good looking bike but as a Diamondback rider Mongoose will always be my enemy!!!

    Gotta find a place that doesn't want so much for white rims... I envy that bike!!
    Ragley Blue Pig

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