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    Did anyone go to Wood Fest in Pittsburgh?

    It's billed as an indoor mountain bike festival. I read about it in the paper yesterday. I had never head of this before. Wished I would have, because I probably would have checked it out. Here is a link to the festivities:

    Wood Fest

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    Our crew was out there about a month ago, what a great place, hope to make this event next year if we can align the dates!

    I gotta say they do a nice job!

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    Definitely a nice place. We rented bikes there, for $15 and the were brand new! We'll be going back, for sure.

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    I was at this place about a month back, I was not impressed at all, this is defiantly a place for bmx'ers , first off before you get in you need to fill out all this paper work and give your medical information. The day I was there, it was loaded with little kids and I mean little 5-7 y/o so you were always afraid of running once over.

    As for the woodfest you speak of, my brother went and found some nice items from the venders. Other than that he did not care for it either.

    I guess it was just not my cup of tea, if riding on ramps and going over obstacles is fun for you than im sure you will like it, I will just stick to singletrack.
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