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    Crique Franšaise: x-post from Passion

    Posted this over in Passion and thought other folks from PA might enjoy it as well.
    That's French Creek, as in Southeastern PA. Had off from work today. Weather was lovely, trails were fast. Spent a little over four hours on the trails and didn't see another soul. Perfect.

    French Creek MTB
    Got there just as the sun was breaching over the horizon.

    French Creek MTB
    This is one of the faster stretches along the outside of the park. Most of the trails are wall-to-wall rocks. Here, at least, there's enough room between the rocks to actually spot a nice line between them.

    French Creek MTB
    A fast downhill brings you to a couple of little creek crossings. The first one has a bridge...

    French Creek MTB
    ... You get wet at the second.

    French Creek MTB
    Then it's back uphill. Now this is more typical of French Creek. There're a few pretty rideable lines in there somewhere.

    French Creek MTB
    The barrel. This is a pretty well-known landmark along the Buzzard Trail. If you zoom in, you'll also see the No Bikes sign hanging in the background. Don't pass the barrel!

    French Creek MTB
    All told, a great day in French Creek. The sun was shining and the trails were fast.

    Thanks for riding along.
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