I had a bad ride day on thursday. In the morning I went out and had a losing battle with a thorn bush when I jumped off a rock pile into the bush at 6am. Then after work I met up with a couple buddies and in the first 200 yards of trail I got hooked right on the bridge of my nose by another thorn bush. More riding, then I ride up on a foot tall log, wheelie off, and crack, my pedals end up like this

I have to hike out, and pick up the road while the other guys keep going. I came out of wissahickon at Henry ave and Gates st, which is a couple streets north (further) of Leverington (for those that know where it is) and have to coast/one leg pedal back to my buddy's place on Kalos st in Manayunck, untill the drive side of the snapped spindle shifts and the chainring jams against the chainstay. Now I am walking and coasting and racing some wicked bad weather, supposedly someone got struck by lightning in Delawar from the same system. To top if off I had to walk past Delessandro's and I left my wallet in the car. All in all a pretty lame day. But we did go back and get Cheesesteaks afterwards so that helped a bit.