Hi, it's that time again. Summer is here despite all the rain we have had. I'm trying to round the troops up or to throw some dates out there for some riding outside of Bucks county.

I mention to TrekMike last winter about getting CC crew to ride at either Hartshorne or Allaire or Clayton or Round Valley (despite a $10 fee for the weekend) or even Chimney Rock.

Can we haggle some dates around?

I'll start first. I'm planning/thinking (weather permitting) about riding this sunday (6/11) at Hartshorne, NJ. The earlier the better, say 9 or 10 am.

Any takers???


Any other dates, that may seem good?
Ah hell, I'll thrown the first wrench into the dates, i can't ride after June 28 (vacation)

take care and i hope to be riding with some new people and TrekMike again.

-dirty bert