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    Did you ever have ham?
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    The Search for the Easter Bunny!!!

    I hit up da Moon today in search of the elusive Easter Bunny! My 5.5 mile quest did not produce any positive results as the long-eared varmint was nowhere to be found! I did find some brown jelly beans....funny thing is they didn't taste like chocolate! I must report, though, that even though I didn't find that Wascally Wabbitt I had a blast. The trails are amazing! It was reported earlier this season that the trails were rutted up, and at one point they were. No longer, as da Moon seems to magically heal itself. Quit making excuses as to why you are not riding and make excuses as to why you have to ride!!!
    The Continuing Adventures of Moto!!!-what.jpgThe Continuing Adventures of Moto!!!-8.jpgThe Continuing Adventures of Moto!!!-8_2.jpgThe Continuing Adventures of Moto!!!-t-rex1.jpgThe Continuing Adventures of Moto!!!-ledgeview.jpg
    Waging war on my pedals every chance I get!!!

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    Green eggs and SPAM!

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    i was looking at that bottle, does it stay colder?

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