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    Cold ride at Belmont this AM

    32 deg when I left at 9:30am. Frozen dirt makes a crunch like fresh snow, and it slows you down the same. The cloud cover kept everything nice and frozen. Luckily my camelbak didn't freeze.

    I was the only idiot out there on a bike.





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    32 is not cold! That is absolutely balmy!

    I have ridden in the wiss when it was 7. Crossed the steam above the valley green and froze my rear derailleur!

    Trails look to be in great shape. Belmont is a hidden jewel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vespasianus

    I have ridden in the wiss when it was 7. . too. I love winter riding, trails are at their best. If you dress for it, it's no big deal.

    Snow on the other hand........
    Air Nine One Nine, and a few Salsa is something I'm forced to do between riding and fishing

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