Berks Mountain Bikers,

Greetings from the BAMBA Board! First, a big THANK YOU to all who attended our first membership drive on 11/13/12. A special thanks to Canal St. for the food and beer! By all accounts, a great time was had by all, and the membership drive was a resounding success! There were 65 in attendance, including all 8 board members, and 23 new names were added to our contact list. If you have not yet joined BAMBA, we encourage you to reconsider. The membership form and instructions can be found here:

Second, an extra special THANK YOU goes out to those who submitted membership applications, purchased our merchandise, or donated to our chapter. 34 of you joined BAMBA, and are now considered our original members. We sold between 30 and 40 t-shirts and hats. There were 2 individual sponsors who made financial donations in support of our chapter.

The BAMBA Board is honored to have the opportunity to serve you, and is proud to have your support. Stay tuned here for local mountain biking news, and check out our new facebook page. It's the best place to let others know when a ride is scheduled. Don't be bashful. Schedule a ride!

We wish all of you a safe and happy holiday season, and look forward to improving and enhancing your riding experiences in Berks County.

Your BAMBA Board:

Fred Moreadith, Chair
Bob Carson, Treasurer
Brad Bohr, Secretary
Tom Durofchalk, Membership Director
Cliff Reis, Social Director
Dane Clay, Trail Manager
Jay Drasher, Environmental Specialist
Pat Shields, Business Director