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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! ATTN: PHILLY RIDERS: Belmont Park Break In's

    Today at belmont park here in philly, while riding with my girlfriend my car was broken into, I want to share my story and warn any of the philly riders of my experience.

    Long story short, we came back to the car which was parked by the recycling center off of montgomery av, had only been riding for about 30 to 40 minutes and decided to cut things short because it started to rain. came back to the car (which I had locked) and put my key in the door, but the door was alreayd open, thought this was strange, opened the door and my girlfriend and I continued to break the bikes down to put on the rack, then I noticed the broken glass all over my passeneger seat, I check my wallet, credit cards were gone, but that was all, my cash, lisc, school id, keys (all but the car key which I took off the ring) ezpass and mobile speed pass, were still there. we loaded up the car asap, and I went to start the car, it wasn’t running right, it seemed to be knocking and sounded like ****, so I popped the hood, 2 of the distributor wires had been pulled off the box, so the car was only running on 2 cylinders. joy. anyways went to the police station, and the officer told me this was common in the Philly parks. by the time I got to canceling my credit cards 9probalyl only an hour after they were stolen) over 1500 in charges had already been applied to my card. 357 in groceries and 1200 at a single clothing store. luckily im not liable for the charges and i have full glass coverage, so its all a big inconvience.

    so just a friendly heads up to all who ride at belmont, watch out for your stuff, and carry guns so you can take out the scum when they try to steal your belongings. its a shame these people exist, but hey, sh*t happens. be safe.

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    heard about philly

    Sorry to hear about your bad time in philly. Belmont park, the whole area is really a bad part of town. I recently was at a wedding at the "Historic" Belmont Mansion in Fairmont park ( really a dilapitated old house) , It really is not a nice part of town. I hear the trails around Wissahickon park are great but the whole Inner-city scene seems to be contradictory to the freedom we, as riders seek in the wilderness.

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    Sorry to hear about your loss

    I always try to keep anything that looks like it might TEMPT some scumbag to break into my car out of sight when I park my car. Leaving Oakley sunglasses or other "expensive" sunglasses sitting on top of your dash is not a good thing to do. Leaving your cellphone, or the faceplate on your CD player, or leaving your digital camera in view all all VERY BAD things to do. When I ride the Wiss. I take alot of that stuff out of the car before I hit the road to the park. I take my cell and my wallet with me! Maybe it was just bad luck, but why push the odds? I would never put stickers on my car advertising what kind of expensive bike or components I ride, that's asking for trouble. I HOPE THEY CATCH THE MOTHER F'ers THAT BROKE INTO YOUR CAR!!! What punishment do you think should be brought down on the scumbag when he gets caught?
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    bummer about the break in. why did the pull those wires though? that is really scary. wissahickon is really nice and much safer. i think the trails are better too. philadelphia is so "block for block" it's sad. when i go to boston its so nice to walk around the entire city. philly has so many deadspots. you can get from one section to the next without passing through a questionable area.

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    Always take your wallet

    It happens at Wisahickon too so everyone be careful. It happens in the upper parking lot from the Valley Green in. I forget the name of the road but normally what they do in Wisahickon is jimmy your lock with a slim jim and take one credit card and leave everything else behind. It looks like nothing happened. This is been going on for at least three years. It happened to one buddy twice, another buddy actually saw them working his lock when he came up the trail. I know two other customer in a bike shop that I taught It happened to me. They took a credit card that I didn't use a lot and I just happen to go to use and couldn't find it. I canceled it just in case thinking I just missplaced it and found out they got away with 2,000 in purchases. Cops pretty much said unless you catch them in the act they are nearly impossible to track since store owners don't help or something to that effect. Usually happens in the summer during the late afternoon early evening rides before 8pm. Belmont is nothing but hookers and drug addicts. The only time I attempted to ride there was early sunday mornings in the winter time I would ride over from the Art museum
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    Sorry to hear of it....

    Sorry to hear that happend to you. This area really sucks anymore for safety, especially that piece of crap park that is supposed to be "oh so grand". As noted above, hookers and drug addicts are all over the place. Glass seems to be growing rather than grass as well. Nice and safe.

    I ride my bike to Wissy and back, no car for me. Nice blaster sized can of pepper spray on me as well, camelback "pump port" comes in handy.

    Get a really big, mean dog and tie him to your car if you have to park it. Or, hide him under a blanket in the backseat. (yeah i know it won't work, it'd be nice though).


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    sorry here that happened to you. that is one of my favorite parking spots i really like the trails in the area its a good break from the wiss. whats ironic i was there that day , i probably parked over by the strawberry mansion bridge. that where the police presence is concentrated.

    on another note its important to try and keep positive activities present in that area rather than move away from it and let it get worse

    philadelphia is my home born and raised and i love mountain biking and nothing is gonna deter me from riding where i like.

    one other thing last saturday i thought i noticed a hunter in belmont in a camo tent. i 'm not sure if he was a hunter or a park ranger watching for hunters so be careful and report people doing illegal things in our playground

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