Jay and I headed over to the Aristes side of Roaring Creek Tuesday evening. As soon as we left the parking lot a light drizzle started. We took Homestead Trail to the top and then bombed back down Pumphouse Trail. The loop took a little longer than I anticipated and by the time we got to Pumphouse it was pretty dark. The lack of light and the rain on top of the wet leaves made the Descent quite an adventure but we made it unscathed.

Aristes In A Drizzle-sany0900.jpg

Aristes In A Drizzle-sany0903.jpg

Aristes In A Drizzle-sany0906.jpg

Aristes In A Drizzle-sany0920.jpg

Aristes In A Drizzle-sany0943.jpg

Aristes In A Drizzle-sany0983.jpg

Aristes In A Drizzle-sany0993.jpg

Aristes In A Drizzle-sany0995.jpg