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    Anyone experience this at "Sals"? Walking Purchase Park

    Our normal riding group went for a late ride last night at "Sals" Walking purchase park, Salisbury ( right behind St. Lukes Hosp.). Now we ALL have high powered lights and see many deer-animals eyes "light up" in the dark. The guy who was leading saw a man and dog to the other side of a "T" intersection. NO flash light. He said the dude didn't look at us or the dog didn't acknowledge us either. Here is what my buddy wrote on another blog, where a "ghost and dog/s" are seen in the area.

    (Ok, so my friends and I took an early evening Mnt Bike ride through Salisbury Park which encompasses Constitution Drive. This time of year, itís dark early, so at 7pm it was already pitch black. I'm not from the area and had no preconceived notions of this being a "scary" or "haunted" area; we were just out to enjoy a new riding location and have fun with our new bike lights. About 40 minutes into our ride, we were paralleling the tracks and I came across a trail intersection and figured this would be a good place for me to stop and wait for the rest of my friends to catch up to me. My helmet light looked down the intersecting trail and there was a "person" in a hoodie with his back turned to me and a dog at his side. So that's not entirely weird, but we were making lots of noise and my 1200 lumen light was cast directly on this person and he/she didn't move a stitch. So it's not like this person didn't know we were there. The person just refused to acknowledge our presence. The dog (looked like a husky) noticed me, but I didn't notice any red eyes (my ultra bright lights could have washed this out). It just seemed a little creepy. Then my friends caught up to me, started making excuses why they were being so slow (keep in mind my light is still shining on the creepy dude in the hoodie) and then everyone jumped back on their bikes and took off again. Not wanting to be in the back of the pack, I jetted to the front without saying a word to anyone about the guy and his dog. On our next stop, that was the first thing out of my mouth. "Man that guy was creepy!" But no one knew what I was talking about. Not a single person in my group saw this guy and his dog standing just off the trail except for me. Now they're jeering me for seeing "dead people and their dogs". But really, this person was standing there, in the pitch black of night, with no lights on his person, staring down towards the tracks. These are technical, leaf littered trails! One misstep and you're falling face first onto a bunch of rocks or breaking your ankle. And this dude is out here with no light...?? And the whole situation of refusing to turn around and acknowledge a group of rowdy guys right behind you? This gets creepier the more I think of it. So today I Google, Ghost, Allentown and dog and that brought me here to tell my story. )

    My thing was... The rest of us NEVER saw a guy or dog, AND the dogs eyes didn't relfect our lights. Has anyone else experienced this here?

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    Or maybe, just maybe, it was just some dude that wanted to walk his dog at night so that he didn't have to socialize with mountain bikers, and the rest of the riders (that didn't see him) just weren't focused on off-trail stuff.

    But I'm sure a ghost is a better explanation.....

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    Those woods are creepy. Few years ago I rode by a 6ft 200lb+ long blond haired guy naked and chained at the hands walking on the trail. Called the police. They never found him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodcey View Post
    Those woods are creepy. Few years ago I rode by a 6ft 200lb+ long blond haired guy naked and chained at the hands walking on the trail. Called the police. They never found him.
    Haha! There is a trail at Sals unofficially named the "Dick Chainy" . I think it had something to do with this guy!

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    At one point there was a sketchy homeless guy who lived down off the hill near where the power lines cross.

    Maybe it was him. I had him yell and scream at me a bunch of years ago. He was all kinds of drunk and standing on top of a big rock near the parking lot. I just kept going and got out of the way.
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