Hey all--

I'm from southwestern NY, about an hour north of Denton. Recently, the owners of Denton took over control of the ski slope right by my house, Swain Ski & Snowboard Center. Swain has a bit of a downhill/freeride community, but not what it was 10 years ago.

The place itself is roughly the same size as Denton. The owners of Denton are trying to bring Swain back from the dead, as the place lost money for three years in a row under previous management. We're hoping that over the summer they will start running the lifts again for bikers. The ideal scenario would be alternating weekends between Denton and Swain, so as to get more of a crowd at both places.

So my question is:

Are there guys/gals out there who would be willing to give Swain a shot? Just as importantly, is there anyone who would be interested in maintaining and further developing the trails at Swain?

I'm throwing this out there to hopefully be able to hit the ground running when Spring rolls around. Any thoughts/feedback would be stellar. Cheers!

Sam B-S