Do you think moderating is easy? Have you tried it? I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I have stepped up to work on things to promote riding and trail building. I post about everything, everyone knows that, and others like to see the posts as I have input from may thanking me for sharing. So picking on me is really sad by both of you! You haven't even tried to help, just complaining and degrading? Really?

I can't say I personally know wbmason55 and your input is gladly received but, your opinion doesn't get sticky removed just because "you" disapprove. Thanks for all the negative criticism about me personally. Your gonna have to do better my friend, and that fact you don't ride with me or exist in my personal circle of friends is evident.

The title line should be updated, and you, of all people should post trail updates to this thread where you ride. I don't see any trail updates anywhere by either of you. Others can gain info by helpful info. It's not my fault you don't help make this a better place.

Mike, I'm surprised at you... Really? What do you post here to help others? I don't see any pics from you. I have never seen you on a workday anywhere helping build or maintain trails. You ride quite a bit and use the trails for many years. Maybe it's time to give back a little and help out on all the stuff you have enjoyed riding for many years and stop worrying about an old thread.

Sadly you bag on a post about a guy who can build amazing frames? Not even a, "Hey nice work Rich", from you?
Here's what I "can" do, both of you can start a new thread that "you" run and we will make it a sticky. You can work very hard and post pics and tell stories, by the way it takes a lot of time to do this, so clear your schedules. Then myself and others can post to it, and complain, or praise about the job you do?

How about it? Step up? Go ride and take some pics and post them, tell a story about your rides?