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    Don't know how I missed this in Oct but awesome trip, pics, and story thanks for sharing!!!

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    Yukon Ho - a 9,000km roadtrip through Northern BC and the Yukon

    Quote Originally Posted by LeeL View Post
    Next leg - we drove up the Stewart - Cassiar. What amazing ski terrain. Not much bikeable here except for logging and resource roads. So much wildlife too. So few people. Dease Lake is the "biggest" town there and we basically blew right through it

    More here. Yukon Ho ? Stewart Cassiar Hwy to Dempster Drive ? Yukon and BC Mountain Biking Road Trip | Sharon and Lee - Just another day

    The mighty Skeena

    Oh yeah Stewart you rock the world!

    Rush hour on the Stewart-Cassiar

    Bell2 is nice and the surrounding terrain at Ningunsaw/Bob Quinn is unreal

    Gnat Pass near Dease Lake

    Watson Lake

    I was born and raised in Watson Lake...we like to think of the signpost forest as the largest collection of stolen signage in the world!

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    Biking in Northern Canada: the Yukon's Arctic Circle - Pinkbike

    Sorry about the squeaky Avid brakes - took them off the bike after the trip was over.
    Locals' Guide to North Shore Rides

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