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    I don't crash very often but in the last year I've had 2-3 doozies where I boinked pretty good, had xrays, mri's but dodged surgery or broken bones. It's been VERY cold in New England the last few weeks so trails are hard and fast. Riding is great in my area because there is hardly any snow either. Yesterday I was pounding through a technical up and down section at maybe 10mph max and somehow clipped a log with edge of front wheel just enough to instantly throw me OTB. Of course this was right at the top of a fairly steep little downhill to ensure I gained lots of extra hang time before my 220lbs cratered hard and I bounced off the frozen tundra.

    Shoulder took most of the impact and right away I knew something was damaged. Pain was not terrible but after getting up and surveying my condition I couldn't lift my arm above my chest. Took a few minutes to shake it off and was able to grind out the last 2-3 miles uphill to truck. Really hurt when pulling up on bars to get over routine obstacles (logs/rockwalls).

    Have not been to doc yet but my research has convinced me it's a separated shoulder. After taking a look in mirror I now have the little telltale bump toward the end of collar bone at top of shoulder. Will get it checked out in a few days but I think I'm on the DL for a bit.
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    Sheesh! Sorry to hear about that! I hope it's a quick recovery for you!

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    Just dicking around with one of my recently acquired old skools, (1995 Y22)- (first problem), at night, (second), on some rollers, (made of concrete- third strike), and dumped it hard, slid across the ground a while. Rode home, noticed my hand freezing, when I got home, dripping all over. Abraded 5/10 fingers, rubbed the tip of my middle finger off, but for a flap which died and fell off. My arm swelled major. I just couldn't take good enough pictures.
    My wife was not amused.

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    Hands off the bar after a jump and a knee to the ground.

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    Got sick of the hike-a-bike through the un-rideable rock garden. Got on before I should have...especially at night.......ENDO was the result!

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    Taking it easy down a slippery rocky trail, got a little off-line and went over sideways, guess my ankle must have bounced off rock as I've cracked the end of my fibula.

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    Absolutely gutted, I've been riding cautiously for months as I'm supposed to be heading off for a riding holiday to Nelson (NZ, not BC) on the 28th, now I'll be on the couch instead.

    Second time my in recent years wife has had to come pick me up from the local trails and take me to the ER. We just put my bike in the garage dirty last night, this afternoon after she finished work she set me up in a chair in the garage with a coffee and washed it for me! So good having a spouse who is supportive of this silly hobby...

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    I don't think my wife would have washed my bike, but she sure as hell wouldn't have let me "supervise".
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